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1aim is a Berlin-based startup, that develops access control solutions. All our products allow users to unlock doors and manage access rights and open doors with smart phones. Keys and RFID cards are difficult to manage, with lost keys or cards requiring locks to be changed and/or new keys to be issued.

All our hardware and software is developed in-house, at the 1aim offices in Berlin. Yann Leretaille and Torben Friehe, 1aim’s co-founders, believe that the best products are created when engineers with different technical backgrounds work together. This is why mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, embedded software developers, software developers and industrial designers work together at 1aim.

LightLock Systems Inline image The first product that 1aim developed is an electronic lock system, which can be retrofitted on any European door. “LightLock” system is a battery powered and communicates with the LD Lock Module, which unlocks the door when a verified and encrypted key is received wirelessy.

SmartDoor Inline image When not constrained by retrofit requirements, 1aim engineers have unleashed their full potential by incorporating modern ‘Smart’ technologies in your front door. Access management, intruder detection, and the ability to speak with someone at your door on your smartphone, all with a sophisticated, seamless and streamlined design.

While producing the first larger batch of it’s systems for retrofit, 1aim is already thinking ahead into the future and working a new technology for the connected home of the future.

We are embracing rust as the systems programming language of the future and are currently using it to power our secure backend and access management systems. We are happy to be able to sponsor rustfest and to support rusts amazing community. We are currently hiring rust backend developers and security experts, so make sure to talk to us at the fest if you are interested!

There will be a big, berlin-style open-end party at 1aim’s company location on saturday with live music/djs, beer and drinks, to which all rustfest attendees are invited. We have a limited amount of places available and you’ll be able to get a wristband on our stand.

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