RustFest 2016 - Schedule

Saturday, 17th September

aka "Talks, Talks, Talks"
0830 Registration opens
Coffee & Breakfast
0930 Welcome & Housekeeping
Ryan Levick
0945 Keynote: Subtyping in Rust and Clarke's Third Law
Felix Klock
1045 Break
1100 Learning to Love the Unfamiliar
Brian Pearce
1130 Panopticon - A Libre Cross-Platform Disassembler in Rust
Kai Michaelis
1200 Sensors, Servos, and Signals with Rust
Tim Cameron Ryan
1230 Lunch Break
1330 intermezzOS: a teaching operating system
Ashley Williams
1400 Teaching myself Rust through the medium of coordinate system transforms and FFI
Stephan Hügel
1430 Why you'd be better off using QuickCheck when porting to Rust
Martin Hellspong
1500 Coffee & Cake
1530 Linux USB HID Interfacing in Userspace
William Light
1600 Empathetic communication: why vulnerability is the key to collaboration
Sharon Steed

1630 Techniques for writing concurrent applications with asynchronous I/O
Matthieu Wipliez
1700 Break
1715 Keynote: Science tools borrow Rust
Hanneli Tavante
1830 Dinner
1900 Evening Event with Drinks, Beers and Xbox-ing
Come say hello – you won't need a ticket!

Sunday, 18th September

aka "Workshop day"
0930 Coffee & Breakfast
1000 Hobby-oriented programming
Sonja Heinen
1030 Workshops & Hacking

For travel info check out this blog post.

1700 The Rust That Could Have Been
Marijn Haverbeke
1730 Wrap Up